Past and Present Members

Since 2007 OHM have had some of the most famous names in film, music and other categories.

Here are some of the past and present members:

Along with:
Zoe Cole (fashion)

James Lugg (business)
Brooke Kinsella (politics)
Sam Smith (performer)
Quadrie (music producer)
Ronan Keating (singer songwriter)
Joe Swash (actor)
David Haye (sports)
Riyad Mahrez (Sports)
Bridgette Neilson (Actor)
Rusty Firmin (Armed Forces)
William Scully (Armed Forces)
Richard Farleigh (business)
Gary Lineker (Sports)
Marcus Patrick (Actor)
Tony Craig (Actor)
Andrew Critchlow (Sports)
Branko Tadic (business)
Susan Bedack (business)
Kevin Thompson (business)
Tony Hale (Producer and writer)
Pauline Seabourne Pearson (Luxury)
Ann Little (Luxury)
Dawn Shorter (Luxury)
Tim Balham (Luxury)
Rick Parfitt Junior (RPJ) (Musician)
Rick Panthaki (Actor)