Q. How do I join?

A. Send in your full resume to Jemma@ucpgroup.co.uk and our panel will get back in touch with you

Q. Is there a cost for membership?

A. No, once you are invited to become a member the value to the membership is yourself

Q. If I don’t come under any of the categories listed can I still become a member?

A. No, unfortunately we have a very rigid selection process and only categories listed are accepted.

Q. What do I get once I become a member

A. The chance to join 99 other like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds, the chance to join the events held annually, the chance to enjoy the luxuries that each member will be offered by our associates and the chance to take your personal limits to an extreme with our consumer recreational services.

Q. Isn’t this the same as a concierge company or luxury lifestyle company?

A. No, we are not open to the public; we don’t deliver outside the membership, all our events are charity driven and we are not for profit organisation. You will feel good just being a member.