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Founded in 2007 by Criss Watts and Graeme Scott. The origins of the One Hundred

Membership are the title “100” this is a true fact that only 100 members will ever belong to this private membership.

Selection and Categories

The selection process is quite dramatic as well. The panel invites only 10 persons from 10 different categories such as Sport, Media, Banking, Luxury, Armed Forces, Business, Royalty and Politics, Film and Music.The membership was originally established to raise money for charity, staging extravagant parties and adventures including the famous supercar challenges.


These events were auctioned on Grand celebrity events such as Ronan Keating’s charity ball to name a few. The annual Winter and Summer OHM parties was where the high profile members could mix with the other members without worry of public exposure or over zealous fans. The annual Supercar Challenge was as famous as its contenders.

Extreme Experiences

The one hundred membership delivers the most extreme services to its members and will continue to lead the way without fear or frailty. Discretion, Privacy and integrity are what the one hundred Membership is all about.

Safety and Security

We are not just a concierge supplier like many of the other luxury memberships; we are not just a supplier of luxury services, we are in fact concierge, luxury, safety and security, event and consumer recreation service suppliers to only 100 members.


Criss Watts, Co Founder and CEO of UCP Group

Criss has been active in the executive bodyguard sector for over 3 decades, providing protection at the highest level for many of the famous names from Screen, Sport, Politics, Royalty and High Profile Business Executives and Corporations.
Criss uses his strong attributes of business skills; project management linked with matching clients goals to reach the highest possible standards.

Criss started out in the protection industry back in 1984, way before the SIA licensing or any real form of official security control. In 2001 Criss was at the forefront of the SIA licensing and helped devise the training that would knowingly become the basis of all protection operators today.
In 1991 Criss developed “Unit 109” Private Security Contracting Team for High-Risk Operations, which had been involved with many Governments for training and supporting Militaries around the world. After 12 years service in this Unit, which served on land and sea in many of the worlds most war torn locations Unit 109 was disbanded.

After years of dedicated service to this industry Criss became a SME advising media and other official bodies. After a brief 2-year retirement and global trekking Criss decided to formulate a group service covering security and luxury lifestyle.
In 2003 Criss then went on to develop Up Close ad Personal Group of Companies (UCP Group). UCP has now become one of the most successful private security companies in the world, with several strategically placed offices globally to serve constant training for government militaries around the world.

In 2010 Criss developed the only recognised live firearms certification for Hostile Environment Close Protection Officers endorsed by HABC with the testament of two of the most recognised British Colonels. This firearms program was used within the doctrine to re-write some basic military training for governments worldwide within the WASPA doctrine.
Since 2007 Criss has instructed over 200 Close Protection courses and helping 2000 individuals worldwide achieve level 3 statuses and SIA licensing.

His passion for adrenaline experiences are recognised throughout the world with crazy stunts, GT racing events, Mountain Climbing, Surfing and Trekking.

Graeme Scott

meHailing from Newcastle in the North East of England, Graeme always had a passion for being creative, starting his first company at the age of 18 after graduating from the Kent Institute or Art & Design (KIAD). Exploring a range of creative endeavours, Graeme produced and directed his first documentary in the arctic circle by 21, as well as producing and directing music videos which were broadcast on ITV.Alongside the music and television work, Graeme set up a design and technology company which went on to work as a think tank for Steve Jobs at Apple in the late 90’s, as well as working with clients including BMW Mini, Warner Brothers, Universal, Home Depot, American Pie, Austin Powers, Girls Aloud and Microsoft, helping several startup clients go to market through to acquisition.

After a number of years working with blue chip companies, Graeme once again turned to music, setting up a label with release through Universal. This led to working with the likes of James Taylor from the James Taylor Quartet and establishing a firm grasp of A&R’ing artists, developing both a sound and an image. Through the work involved in helping take businesses from startup to sale, Graeme decided to develop a new technology called CarbonWise.

Within 18 months the company had developed a reputation as one of the market leaders in Energy Saving Software for multinationals and Governments, with the software being run across the world by Unilever, BAM Nuttall, Nissan, British Land and ANZ Bank.After successfully selling CarbonWise, Graeme moved back to his passion of music, taking on a young artist called Sam Smith. Over several years Graeme developed Sam’s sound, working with many producers and writers, including Mike Moran (Queen, Barcelona) and writers behind Jessie J and JLS, signing a track to the soundtrack of Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy before recording Little Sailor in Newcastle with Stuart Emerson (Bonnie Tyler), the track that won Sam his recording contract.

After Sam, Graeme tied up with Kathy A LoPrimo, setting up Dover Street Entertainment to develop TV and film projects. Working together as a team, the pair have successfully developed The Last Hope, which is now in production with a team of multiple Oscar and Emmy winners including Karen Goodman and Buddy Squires. With several projects moving into production, the next chapter has begun and Graeme’s best work is yet to come.

Natalie Henrynat

Natalie takes care of the day to day running of the membership. To say she is a global traveller would be understatement. Natalie has travelled the world searching for the best most unique places for out members to visit, way off the radar for the normal vacation companies.

Natalie has travelled with the 100 members making sure their expectations are not only met but exceeded. Natalie is foremost a fashion Guru, model and presenter.

She is also a tier one promotions executive for organisations such as F1, FIFA, Lemans, Emirates and Abu Dabi to name a few. Her relationship with luxury brands exceeds beyond promotion, purchasing and using, Natalie will know what’s hot and what’s not before the media guru”s can go public.

Natalie is a great asset for our members, weather its luxury or time management she will make sure your request is dealt with fast and efficiently.

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