Whenever, Whatever, Wherever, However

Specially Designed

One Hundred Membership creates a world of
excitement, adventure and adrenaline rush
experiences. There is nothing we can’t do. We are the worlds most elite and exclusive private membership club.

We are not new

The One Hundred Membership (OHM) was
established in 2007 (associated with celebrity
challenges, Parties and crazy events, known as the membership associated with the St Tropez, Monaco and Mayfair Glamour) Mr Scott stated, “OHM creates a diverse group of just 100 individuals from different backgrounds and

We Are Exclusive?

Exclusivity when it comes to luxury isn’t uncommon. New members usually have wait for at least 6 months before joining, and here’s the reason why; One Hundred Membership is exactly that; 100-member only private club, where each member injects enough synergy into the membership to keep the clubs influence status and where every member has a natural gift to support others and be supported in times of need.

Membership Categories

Each member supports the other like a team; we have split the society into 10 different categories with 10 individual members from each category.

Categories are:

1. Sport

2. Business

3. Film

4. Music

5. Politics

6. Fashion and Design

7. Royalty

8. Luxury

9. Armed Forces

10. Media

Society of Influence

We are like no other

Laughter, fun and crazy events are what we are renowned for, and after nearly a decade of raising money for charities and organizing challenges for celebrities, nothing here has changed.

The adventure starts here

We still organize the annual Supercar challenge

We still organize “take it to the limit experiences”

We still supply client requests that are far beyond the reach of the standard concierge services

We are still London’s best-loved (not for profit) membership

The One Hundred Membership Co founders Mr Criss Watts and Mr Graeme Scott are two of the most influential people on the London Circuit. Memberships are invitational only.